Safe & Hound Branding

Conveying emotion through
branded design.

Must Love Dogs.

A local YEG business, Safe & Hound needed a visual identity that expressed their love for dogs. After spending time with the owner, discussing their goals, determining the voice they wanted to expressand petting their dogs, of course—I packaged together a number of font combinations, colour palettes, and logo ideas for a brand identity that they fell in love with.

A good logo breeds good vibes

I wanted to start the project off on the right foot (or paw, rather), so I started off by sketching out several possible logos—something warm and secure to match the brand’s name. Adding to this, with four dogs at home ranging from a 15 lb Jack Russell Terrier to a 160 lb Great Dane, the owner of the brand wanted to avoid picking too specific or recognizable a breed. The result was a heart-shaped logo incorporating a dog (that appears to be nestled into itself) and a lock, evoking both comfort and security.

A shiny & lustrous coat

Make no mistake—between their ethically-made, environmentally conscious products, and the fact that they donate 10% of their quarterly profits to a local charitable organization—Safe & Hound has no problem showing off their true colours. In order to convey this I chose mint and raspberry as the brand’s primary hues, with a peachy-beige, olive green, and deep evergreen joining the pack as supporting colours. The cool and crisp greens of the palette—ranging from evergreen, olive, and mint—become warmer thanks to the addition of the peach and raspberry hues, creating a greater sense of balance. 

Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.
Playfair Display - 700

A fetching font

The next challenge was to find a set of fonts that balanced the brand’s playful and thoughtful nature. The sophisticated curves and high-contrast lettering of Playfair Display was a perfect counterpoint to the bubbly nature of the geometric, sans serif Poppins. Together, these two fonts perfectly encapsulate the duality of man—err, I mean, man’s best friend.