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Web Development


Personal Site: Dash of Awesome

This site is the result of my passion of web design, cooking, and photography. Originally to be a food blog, I decided to make it into an all around blog. Some where for me to put my thoughts, photos and recipes. This is a custom wordpress design with unique header images for the different catagories.

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Php Gallery

This site was create in an attempt to practice how to make a image gallery using lightBox, PHP and mySQL

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Recipe DataBase

This site was build utilizing PHP, mySQL, tinyMCE and JavaScript. It's purpose was to practice a tag based sorting system and creating a Content Mangament System from Scratch.

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Client Site: Pembina River Tubing

This site was created to promote the Pembina River Tubing business in Entwistle AB. This site was created just after my first year at DMD, and it shows a vast improvement in my web designing skills because of the education that I recieved. This Site features CSS Only Roll Over Links.

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Web Design

Web Design practice 1
Web Design practice 2
Web Design practice 3

Here are a few recent practice designs



T is for Turtle

A Short animation showing the transformation of a T in to a turtle.

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ScrapBooking App

This is my Final project for DMD. It is a flash based scrapbooking application which allows you to add an image, edit it, then save it to the server for future display. This is currently in development, please be patient as I work out the bugs.

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image Gallery

Image Gallery

This Flash Image gallery is created with ActionScript 3, it features horizontal Scrolling

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All photos above were taken with a Nikon D40 in RAW, and Edited in Photoshop. Please Click on them to enlarge



All Illustrations were created in Adobe Photoshop. They were also created by me.