My Name is Dana.

I am a Web Designer in Edmonton, Alberta.

My Work


Untitled Plant App

User Experience (UX) exploration and app-based design

This project started after I forgot to water my plants, again. I had the desire to create something helpful and to practice UX techniques so my goal was to “create an app to remind people to water their damn plants”.

UX techniques used were: Use Cases, Persona Creation, rapid low-fi iterations to prototype ideas, as well as a heck of a lot of research. This marks my first time trying to approach design from a mainly UX mindset, as opposed to an aesthetic mindset.


Next Iteration: Design ended up more based on aesthetics than function in the first version. This next iteration will revisit my UX research and redesign sections that have usability issues. Scope creep was also an issue, I was trying to expand the functionality without having a solid grasp on the fundamentals. The next iteration of design will look deeper into how the users would be interacting with the app and establishing standards for how to handle various aspects of the design, such as CTAs, edit windows, and transitioning between sections of the app.

Safe & Hound Branding

Crafted a bespoke brand identity for a local YEG business

My work with Safe & Hound was to help create a visual identity that expressed the client’s love for dogs. After speaking at length about the voice they wanted to express, I created a few font combinations, colour palettes, and logo ideas. From there we created a brand identity that they fell in love with. And dare I say, so did I.


Web Design

A few examples of my web designs, from themes used nationally for big brands to more unique websites for smaller clients.

Included is my redesign of the Strathcom Media website. The concept was to represent each bar of the logo as a part of the business. This was so information could be colour coded which would benefit users by providing a visual cue as to what service they were looking into.

Canada-wide themes for VW, Ford, & FCA.

These projects involved strict compliance guidelines on top of unique specifications for many aspects of the projects. My role as Senior Designer was to create designs that met all compliance guidelines and specifications and expertly laid out pdfs to help support other departments when it came to enforcing compliance. Timelines were short and coffee was aplenty.


PPC - Design & Process

As PPC display ads became more prevalent in my daily work, I took the lead designing and teaching others how to design appropriately for the confining space of a display ad. I created and co-ordinated new processes between various departments to speed up and improve the quality of work.

About Me

Hello! As you may have read at the top of this page, I'm Dana.

I am a Senior Designer living and working in Edmonton. I like to think that my natural empathy fuels my desire to learn and practice user experience and accessibility.

My passions are constantly learning when I can (like trying to learn javascript for real this time), reading far too many UX articles on medium, baking the most ridiculous cookies you've ever seen, and snapping photos of my sleeping cat. Because he is adorable even if he is almost 9.

My biggest pet peeves are oversized sticky headers, scroll jacking, and poorly executed forms.

Want to get in touch? dana.d.mitchell@gmail.com

or @_hi_dana